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Vision and Values

Taiga is committed to being North America’s most reliable and efficient distributor of building products. ​


Great people, doing whatever it takes; we will:

  • Know your business/markets better than anyone in the business
  • Attract and retain the best talent the distribution industry has to offer
  • Be a market leader in the chosen product categories
  • Operate at a lower cost than any other company in our industry

Core Values

Doing more with less. Our people, in all scopes of responsibility, are diligent about streamlining operations and increasing profitability; driving wasteful costs out of the business while making service levels more effective for customers and suppliers.

Entrepreneurial spirit. Our branches are both profit and decision centres for our management team. Our people are empowered to express ideas, make pivotal decisions and take appropriate risks that create added value. We believe that great talent is a company’s strongest asset and invest in attracting the best people with a drive to achieve. Performance that supports both our mission and vision is recognized and rewarded.

Integrity. Taiga fosters a culture of honesty, trustworthiness and respect for each other, our customers and suppliers, our shareholders, and our community. At all times we operate with respect to governing laws, regulations and company policies. Our behaviour as individuals and as an organization will always be held to the highest ethical standards. We believe that giving back to the community in which our employees live is part of that responsibility. Taiga donates to charitable organizations that support housing, education and other worthy causes in our communities.

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